About Michael T. McLean



Based in Los Angeles, California, Michael T. McLean is an internationally noted composer, violinist, and pedagogue. On the faculty of the Colburn Community School of Performing Arts, he teaches violin, composition, and also conducts various ensembles throughout the school while maintaining a lively career as a composer of orchestral, chamber, and film music.
For the past 25 years, Michael McLean's arrangements and compositions for strings have been sought after and cherished by teachers and performers alike. His published works are known to many, but for the first time, the full extent of his musical catalog will be available to the public here on McLeanStringMusic.com.
McLeanStringMusic.com will feature Michael's compositions, arrangements and transcriptions for many types of instrumental combinations: string quartet, string orchestra, violin ensemble (4 violins, 3 violins), 2 violins and piano, plus the same combos for viola and cello in a multitude of genres. 


All of his music is infused with the passionate expertise he has accrued from his experience as an accomplished composer, violinist, violist, and pedagogue.